"2017 Long-Term Marine Ecosystem Research International Symposium" 개최

Session 1: Population and food web dynamics

- Variability in copepod tropic levels and in feeding selectivity based on stable isotope analysis in Gwangyang Bay off the southern coast of Korea

- North Pacific Iso-Scapes: coupling of the zooplankton ecology with stable isotopes to infer food webs of foraging salmon.

- Metagenomic analysis to understand the marine ecosystem in East/Japan Sea

- Importance of monitoring small phytoplnkton  contribution in the East Sea ecosystem

-  Quantifying Atlantic menhaden population dynamics in light of ecosystem change

- Bottom-up and top-down regulation of Noctiluca scintillans

Session 2: Modeling ecosystem dynamics

- Modelign oyster dynamics and nitrogen removal in the Choptank River, USA

- Spatio-temporal pattern of primary production in the East/Japan Sea: variability and drivers

- Trophic flow analysis of Gwangyang Bay, Korea

2017. 11. 21(화) / 부산 파라다이스 호텔 그랜드 볼륨

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